What Have we Learned during Remote Language Teaching?

I love online teaching a lot, but I have to admit I count myself lucky that I wasn’t teaching this semester. This semester’s pivot to remote teaching hit very suddenly, mid-semester, during psychologically and logistically intense circumstances. Doing all that while also trying to be a good parent, homeschooler, colleague, and community member… that is…… Continue reading What Have we Learned during Remote Language Teaching?

Accessibility and Language Acquisition

Creating accessible language courses should be all of our goal. Do we really believe languages are for everyone? Do we REALLY believe that everyone who has learned a first language can and has a right to learn a second one? I, for one, definitely do. But I have not always put into practice the kind…… Continue reading Accessibility and Language Acquisition

Low-prep L2 teaching strategies (for the days when you just need to be easy on yourself)

It’s OK to find and use a few activities that are good for student learning, but also good for YOU as the teacher who is also a human being who needs everyone to cut you some slack. This blog post will combine my own observations with some useful practices, and, most of all, with contributions from a few of the dozens of language teachers on Twitter who participated in the 1 Like = 1 Answer social media game.