Span 101 Songs: Mi gente by Willy William and J Balvin

I am teaching a pop song of the week for all 14 weeks of my fall 2019 first- semester Spanish course. Check out my blog post and scroll down to find my Google Slides and handout for “Mi gente” by Willy William and J Balvin all linked and ready for you to copy, adapt, edit, and use if they might be useful for you!

Low-prep L2 teaching strategies (for the days when you just need to be easy on yourself)

It’s OK to find and use a few activities that are good for student learning, but also good for YOU as the teacher who is also a human being who needs everyone to cut you some slack. This blog post will combine my own observations with some useful practices, and, most of all, with contributions from a few of the dozens of language teachers on Twitter who participated in the 1 Like = 1 Answer social media game.