Resources on Critical Pedagogy/Social Justice in Language Teaching

This list is not exhaustive by any means, and I am in the process of updating it based on the wealth of resources available on the web and in journals and books. Please feel free to recommend something to add to my list, and know that the list will keep growing!

My Own Open Access Work, Mostly Collaborative:

Randolph L.J., Jr. & Johnson, S. M. (2017). Social justice in the classroom: A call to
action. Dimension, 9-31.

Johnson, S.M., & Garrett-Rucks, P. (2018). Special Issue of Dimension on Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice in Language Education. SCOLT.

Conlon Perugini, D., Johnson, S. M., Randolph, L. J., Jr. (2019). Authentic resources for proficiency, interculturality, and social justice. Presented at the 2019 ACTFL convention in Washington DC.

I did a talk on transformative learning at Duke University in February 2020 that was recorded. Have a look.


We Teach Languages has a blog post with recommendations for episodes that focus on justice in language teaching. Specific podcast episodes on social justice and related topics:

Citations are political and moral acts:

So, cite more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) scholars.

Emma Trentman wrote this very helpful post introducing us to important Black scholars on topics of study abroad and language teaching.

Megan Figueroa has compiled this Google sheet of scholars who specialize in all sorts of language subfields.

A selection of articles and scholarly resources on critical pedagogy/social justice in language teaching:


Anya, U. (2016). Racialized identities in second language learning: Speaking blackness in Brazil. Routledge.

Glynn, C., Wesely, P., & Wassell, B. (2014). Words and actions: Teaching languages
through the lens of social justice. Alexandria, VA: ACTFL. (ACTFL is offering the ebook for FREE!!)

Johnson, S.M. (2015). Adult learning in the language classroom. Bristol, United Kingdom: Multilingual Matters.

Norton, B. & Toohey, K. (2004). Critical pedagogies and language learning. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press.

Osborn, T. (2006). Teaching world languages for social justice: A sourcebook of principles
and practices. Mahway, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


Journal Issues

Johnson, S.M., & Garrett-Rucks, P. (2018). Special Issue of Dimension on Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice in Language Education.

ACTFL’s Foreign Language Annals free, open special issue on social justice issues

Articles, Chapters, Papers, Etc

Anya, U., & Randolph, L. J., Jr. (2019). Diversifying Language Educators and Learners. The Language Educator, 10(3), 36–39.

Crane, C., & Sosulski, M. (2020). Staging transformative learning across collegiate language curricula: Student perceptions of structured reflection for language learning. Foreign Language Annals, 1(53), 69-95.

Johnson, S. M., & Randolph, L. J., Jr. (2015). Critical pedagogy for intercultural communicative competence: Getting started. The Language Educator, 10(3), 36–39.

Kubota, R., Austin, T., & Saito-Abbott, Y. (2003). Diversity and inclusion of sociopolitical
issues in foreign language classrooms: An exploratory survey. Foreign
Language Annals, 36(1), 12-24.

Menacker, T. (2001). Community language resources: A handbook for teachers (NFLRC
Net Work #22). Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i, Second Language Teaching
& Curriculum Center. Retrieved from

Randolph L.J., Jr. & Johnson, S. M. (2017). Social justice in the classroom: A call to
action. Dimension, 9-31.

Wassell, B., Wesely, P., & Glynn, . (2019). Agents of change: Reimagining curriculum and instruction in world language classrooms through social justice education. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 16(3), 263-84.


Podcasts and webinars:

All the We Teach Languages episodes listed at the top of this page.

Unstandardized English by JPB Gerald brings a critical perspective to English Language Teaching

What in the World Language Podcast by Jahdai focuses on critical issues and often heritage learners

Episodes from Inspired Proficiency by Ashley Uyaguari such as Season 4 Episode 9 with Jade Collins and Ebony Thornton or Season 3 Episode 7 with Kia London

Cori Crane’s webinar on structured reflection for transformative learning

The ACTFL Critical and Social Justice Approaches SIG has a long list of past webinars by wonderful language educators that are 100% FREE for members to view. You have to be 1) an ACTFL member, and 2) a SIG member, but both of those are worth it! I love this SIG! Some of these SIG webinars are available publicly now:

I ran across this podcast episode on YouTube and thought I would share. #14: Does Social Justice Belong in the Chinese Classroom? by Patricia Liu

New School also has a series of webinars on YouTube about language and social justice, one of which might be especially useful for language educators. Language & Social Justice TALKS: Cece Cutler | The New School

Here are the slides from a webinar by Dr. Cassandra Glynn at Concordia College in Minnesota

Other resources on the web for language teachers:

ACTFL press release – June 2, 2020: ACTFL Statement on the Killing of George Floyd and Systemic Racism in the US

ACTFL board approved position statement – May 17, 2019: Diversity and Inclusion in World Language Teaching and Learning

ACTFL board approved position statement – November 22, 2016: Statement on the role of language learning in valuing diversity and promoting unity.

Spanish for Social Justice – a website with resources for teaching Spanish with an emphasis on social justice

The Center for Participatory Change’s Language Justice Curriculum

WTL contributor Dorie Conlon Perugini started this thread of resources on Twitter that has additional resources.

And many teachers contributed to this thread

Here is a wakelet board for world language educators put together by Anna Ogunnaike

This Google doc is about antiracist resources for Spanish teachers specifically

This website is all about Black Germany

This website has a collection of sample English lessons on social justice issues.

This Pinterest board on Diversity and Identity resources was put together by Leslie Grahn, the authentic resources queen and also a guest on an episode of We Teach Languages


Resources on the web not specifically related to language teaching:

The Social Justice Initiative at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Scholars for Social Justice on the web and on Twitter @SCholarsforSJ

Chimamanda Adichie. The danger of a single story [Video]. https://

Project Implicit – The Harvard tool to uncover your own biases

Teaching Tolerance website – an absolute treasure




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