November 2015. “Transformative Language Learning: From Theory to Practice” American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). San Diego, CA. 

October 2015. “Discussion Boards in your Hybrid Course” co-presented with Berta Carrasco, 2015 Conference of MWALLT (Midwest Association for Language Learning and Technology). Valparaiso, IN.

July 2015 Presentations. “Getting the Most out of your Online Discussion Boards”  and “Demonstrating Intercultural Language Learning” co-presented with Lee Forester. 97th Annual AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese). Denver, CO.

November 2014 Workshop. “Hybrid Language Teaching” co-presented with Berta Carrasco, 2014 Conference of MWALLT. Bloomington, IL.

October 2014. “Problem-Based Culture Instruction: Engaging Real-World Issues in the Language Classroom”co-presented with my methods students, 2014 Conference MIWLA (Michigan World Language Association). Lansing, MI. 

–> Resources:  Handout   Related Resource: ESL Practicum Advocacy Project

July 2014 Presentations. “Smartphone Pedagogy: Putting Gadgets to Work in the Classroom” and “Teaching Culture for Transformation” co-presented with Lee Forester. 96th Annual AATSP. Panama City, Panama.

December 2013 Presentation. “Recording and Reflecting: Smartphones and Pedagogy in a Beginning Language Classroom” co-presented with Berta Carrasco, Midwest Faculty Seminar – Preparing Future Faculty. Chicago, IL.

November 2013 Workshop Session. “Integrating Culture into a Web-enhanced Language Class” co-presented with Claire Knowles. ACTFL. Orlando, FL.

November 2012 Research Roundtable. “Consciousness raising: One instructor’s approach to diversity development in the adult language classroom”. ACTFL. Philadelphia, PA.

November 2008 Poster. “Adult Transformational Learning in the Foreign-Language Classroom”. ACTFL.




Resources from my 2012-2015 first year Spanish course

I used the textbook Ritmos with a hybrid format using Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS). Here are some of the resources I put together for class.

Visual Guides. I have a discussion forum on my LMS where students can post questions. I head off some of their questions by posting visual guides to frequently asked questions. I welcome you to use and adapt these. In fact, feel free to email me to get an editable version of these documents if you think you can improve on them or adapt them for your purposes. If you do make changes, please send me the new version to share here or use in my own classes!

FAQ 1: My Tema printout shows that I did not answer all the questions, but I am not sure what I missed. How do I make sure to complete the entire Tema? How To Complete the Entire Tema

FAQ 2: Where on the Ritmos Interactive App can I find the “Gramatica” assignment? Where to Find the Ritmos IA Gramatica

FAQ 3: Where on the Ritmos Interactive App can I find the “Grammar Worksheet PDF” assignment? Where to Find the Grammar Worksheet PDF

FAQ 4: I want to turn in a printout online instead of as a hard copy. How do I create and upload a PDF version of the “Printout for this Tema”? How to Create and Upload a PDF of the Tema





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