Stacey Margarita Johnson

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Stacey’s research interests include postsecondary language classroom practices, hybrid/blended instruction, and adult learning including transformative learning and critical pedagogy. Her first book, Hybrid Language Teaching in Practice: Perceptions, Reactions, and Results, co-authored with Berta Carrasco, was published in March 2015, and her second book, Adult Learning in the Language Classroom, came out later that same year. Her co-authored College Teaching article, “The Selfie as a Pedagogical Tool in a College Classroom,” gives a sense of the creativity and collaboration she brings to her teaching and her work with educational technology. Stacey’s 2017 publications include a book chapter and a magazine article about collecting authentic resources and an article about social justice in the language classroom. Currently she is working on two projects: 1) an ACTFL research priorites grant-funded study on professional development for adjunct faculty, and 2) her third book, co-authored with Claire Knowles with expected publication in 2018, about the potential of a problem-based model for language and culture instruction.

At Vanderbilt University, in addition to her role as the Assistant Director for Educational Technology in the Center for Teaching, Stacey also holds appointments as a Senior Lecturer of Spanish in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and as adjunct faculty in the English Language Learners program in Peabody College, and is Affiliated Faculty in the Center for Second Language Studies.


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