Notes from AATSP 2021 in Atlanta, GA: Experiential Learning Everyday

If you were in Atlanta to hear my AATSP presentation about how the experiential learning cycle can provide a useful framework for lesson planning in the language classroom, hopefully you found this blog post by way of follow up! Whether you made it to the presentation or not, a few of the key slides from the presentation and the handout are below for you to peruse.

Also, if you want to hear me talk about the experiential cycle, I did a We Teach Languages podcast episode about the concept last year that you can listen to here on the WTL website or wherever you listen to podcasts.

By staceymargarita

I am a language teacher and researcher. In any given term, I may teach beginning or intermediate Spanish courses, English for international students, and foreign language teaching methods for teacher candidates and future faculty. As a teacher, I consider myself pragmatic (not married to any particular approach), oriented towards critical pedagogies in particular, a technophile, and always on the prowl for new ideas.

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  1. This is great! Thank you! I’ve used the IMAGE model when teaching French & Spanish, along these lines. Always great when students can reflect, process, and create ❤️

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