Span 101 Plans:Week 1, Day 2

TL;DR: I am teaching a pop song of the week for all 14 weeks of my fall 2019 first- semester Spanish course. This post describes my Day 2 follow-up activities to our first song, “La gozadera”. Scroll down to find my Google Slides and handout all linked and ready for you to copy, adapt, edit, and use if they might be useful for you!


I had my very first day of the new semester yesterday! I planned everything about as thoroughly as I have ever planned anything, it went about the way I expected, and students were engaged and seemed to enjoy it. Win!! Since my college students get to switch around sections for the whole first week of the semester, the proof of how well the first few days go is really in the enrollments. If I stay at capacity numbers until the last drop day, at that point I’ll really consider it a win!

So, in addition to some syllabus stuff and here’s-how-language-acquisition-works stuff, I used the song “La gozadera”. My slides and the handout are all linked in this blog post for you to take, edit, and use if you like them.

For Day 2, we are going to do a bit more business: go over the online homework site and due dates for the mountains of homework, quizzes, etc. But we’re also going to do some input and interaction based on the song we did yesterday. My idea is that we introduce a song one day a week, and then we can spend the following 2-3 days talking about the biographies of the artists, the story of the video, sorting through specific chunks of lyrics that are at our level, etc. Basically just using that video as a way to engage in comprehensible conversations.

As you can see from the slides and handout linked below, I decided to do two activities.

First, un dictado. One of my goals for the next few weeks is to help them learn to discriminate sounds in Spanish to make hearing the language easier moving forward. Yesterday we specifically focused on hearing vowel sounds in the country names. Today, we will try to take those same sounds down in dictation. Dictation is one of those old school activities that many teachers shy away from but in small doses it can be very beneficial AND enjoyable!

Second, biographies of the three artists in the shape of narrow readings with accompanying activities to help students process those readings. I’ve also combined this with  a memory activity to see if students can remember the biographies.

Here are the materials I plan to use:

All my teaching explanations are in the slide notes. If you have any questions or comments, please ask!!

Please feel very free to use, modify, and improve the resources I have posted here, although I do have a couple of requests. 1) Click on the Creative Commons license below to check out the terms of my Share-Alike license. Basically, feel free to take and use, but if you share your derivation, share freely!  2) If you change them or make them better, please share with me so I can make my own work better for my students!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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