Span 101 Songs: La Gozadera by Gente de Zona ft. Marc Anthony

TL;DR: I am teaching a pop song of the week for all 14 weeks of my fall 2019 first- semester Spanish course. Scroll down to find my Google Slides and handout all linked and ready for you to copy, adapt, edit, and use if they might be useful for you!


As I mentioned in my previous post about how I plan to use the song “Criminal”, this semester I am teaching a first-semester Spanish course at my university that is geared toward true beginners. I plan to teach a song of the week every week, but this song is actually what I plan to do on the VERY FIRST day of class instead of, you know, boring them with the traditional reading of the syllabus. Instead, we’ll do this activity for 30 minutes or so, spend 20 minutes on how the course will work, then they will read the rest of the syllabus at home and have to take an online quiz about the syllabus details before the next day’s class.

I’m a huge fan of Gente de Zona. (Like, I want to go to the club with them as the middle aged mom type in the entourage. That’s a thing, right? They seem like a fun party. A gozadera, even! Ha!)

I’ll have the song “La Gozadera” playing as students walk into my class for the very first time. I hope it makes a good impression! I like to make the first day an “experiential forecast” of what the semester will hold. We will spend most of the semester reading and listening to various texts in class, including pop songs but also lots of other kinds of texts. So, starting with a song in the L2 feels right.

Before I set to making my own materials to go with this song, I looked up who else had already put effort into creating accompanying materials. In fact, I went on Teachers Pay Teachers, which I had never been on before in my life, and bought “La Gozadera” materials from both Martina Bex and Kara Jacobs. Both of those ladies are great and their work is great too, but the stuff they created just wasn’t what I was looking for. I am, however, stashing their materials away for a rainy day. Martina’s packet came with some interesting cultural activities that I may be able to include later in the semester once my students have a bit more language. I also saw that Zambombazo has a “La Gozadera” activity about geography, which may have worked for me, actually. But, alas, I did not purchase their packet so I can’t be sure. I also found two fun activities from estudiafeliz, one for practicing nationalities and one an oral activity with flags. There are also many lyrics sheets and cloze activities out there, but that wasn’t what I wanted either.

In the end, I just made my own materials that fit my style and I know will work in my classroom.




Specifically, this song and accompanying materials will help my students:

  • begin mapping sound to letters in spoken (sung) Spanish
  • begin describing where people are from and where they are located with the interrogative “dónde”
  • refresh their memory of country names in Latin America
  • begin to understand what I mean in the syllabus when I say we will take a critical perspective on culture

Here are the materials I plan to use:

All my teaching explanations are in the slide notes. If you have any questions or comments, please ask!!

Please feel very free to use, modify, and improve the resources I have posted here, although I do have a couple of requests. 1) Click on the Creative Commons license below to check out the terms of my Share-Alike license. Basically, feel free to take and use, but if you share your derivation, share freely!  2) If you change them or make them better, please share with me so I can make my own work better for my students!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


cover gozadera

By staceymargarita

I am a language teacher and researcher. In any given term, I may teach beginning or intermediate Spanish courses, English for international students, and foreign language teaching methods for teacher candidates and future faculty. As a teacher, I consider myself pragmatic (not married to any particular approach), oriented towards critical pedagogies in particular, a technophile, and always on the prowl for new ideas.


  1. Using this song and activities again this semester for my 101 course! Thanks again for the fantastic ideas! Small things I am adding this time: A translation in English of the questions ¿Dónde están las personas? and ¿De dónde es? on the first slides where those questions are introduced in order to establish meaning and ensure comprehensibility, and then I don’t include it in subsequent slides. I am also doing an exit slip asking them to tell me in English what the following words mean: dónde, se llama, me gusta, países, hablan.

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