Hybrid Pedagogy Presentation — Student Produced Videos

Over the last two years,my colleague Berta Carrasco and I have been working on a research project with the goal of developing our own theory of practice for teaching with technology in the context of our first year classes at a liberal arts college. Our study used case study and action research approaches to explore methods we employed in our own classes. The format of the book was also based on our own experiences teaching with technology and training instructors new to technology. In February, our short monograph will be published by Springer. So, keep an eye out for that!

Just a month or so ago, Berta and I presented a small portion of our findings at the annual meeting of the Mid-West Association of Language Learning and Technology(MWALLT). Our next step is to submit a paper based on that presentation to the IALLT Journal, then present a follow-up to our presentation at the annual conference for the international parent organization, IALLT. It has been an exciting year for this project!

Here is the Prezi that we used in our presentation. I am posting it publicly with the hope that someone can make use of it!


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