Am I confident?

I don’t think of myself as terribly confident, but I do believe I can do pretty much anything. A foundational belief of mine is that people can do almost anything given the desire, time and resources.  (Although, this inevitably leads to a whole other discussion for another time about how privilege and systemic issues play in to the resources available to individuals and the ability to access those resources).

That’s where my confidence to take on big challenges comes from. Not because I believe *I* can do things, but because I believe anyone can, so why not me? That is also why failure is not the worst thing that can happen to me. If I don’t get it this time, I just need more desire, time, or resources to make it work.

If I am part of this confidence gap as the Atlantic would have me believe, I don’t think the issue is that I think less of myself. I think the problem is that, as a woman academic and a single mom, I know that I do not have the time and resources others do. I may at some future point, but not now. I need more of something for sure. But confidence isn’t what I lack.


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