Looking the other way

Saw this article today:

One of the main points I try to make in my 2nd semester Spanish courses is that, while the raping and pillaging of the New World by Europeans was reprehensible, it is no different than what is currently happening in our world. People in Spain benefitted from the flood of goods imported from the Americas. Their difficult lives were made better as the lives of people halfway around the world were made worse. And the beneficiaries of this new commerce failed to ask questions, demand justice, or listen to the voices of conscience buried in the din.

You see, when things are bad, then they get better, people rarely ask at what cost. We are just grateful things got better and turn a blind eye to the reality that in order for us to have more, someone has to have less.

My hope is that after taking my 2nd semester course, my students read the history of the American conquest and read this article and see that the stories are not so different.


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