Office Space

For six years prior to returning to graduate school, I had an actual office and kept all of my work related books and files in my office. As an adjunct and grad student for several years, I had no office and have become accustomed to keeping my office stuff in cluttered, disorganized piles in my bedroom, living room, and garage. I’ll be honest, my clutter system was not working that well. But what is an academic to do? I have been looking forward to getting a proper office space again.

Now, as I unpack my house and make decisions about what should stay here in my home office and what should go to my campus office, I am torn. I have been working exclusively from home for so long that I think I will want to continue working from home whenever I can. So should I leave my massive collection of books, papers, and materials here? What will I need in my campus office? Does it make sense to keep teaching-related stuff there and research-related stuff here? Hard to know. I may just have to wait and see once I get the hang of my new routine. I only have a few weeks before the semester starts and would love to have some organization in both offices before I jump into a new semester at a new job.

Any advice from folks who have been through this?


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