Face-to-face vs. hybrid

As my department chair and dean make some decisions about whether to allow me to teach my fall courses in a hybrid format, I find myself gathering evidence to support my claims that hybrid classes are good for students. As a technology enthusiast, a hybrid instructor from way back, and someone who studies technology in language learning, I already know it’s a good way for me to teach. So here’s a little collection of evidence that this format is also a good way for students to learn.

This article reviews a research study that concludes that hybrid classes have fairly identical outcomes to fully face-to-face classes. So, no harm done.



Students want hybrid courses and are well-prepared for their demands. But colleges are not producing enough of them.



Cutting edge technology is being explored in hybrid courses. To stay current as a technology specialist, I need to work out these technologies in my own classes, not just read about the innovation being done by others.



While most studies show that hybrid class students score about as well as traditional setting students, some really well designed hybrid instructors are finding that students score much better in the course when it is hybridized.



And in this large scale study, hybrid courses produced more successful students than either online or face-to-face courses.



Fully face-to-face and hybrid courses are fundamentally different in design and not interchangeable. Therefore, an instructor used to a hybrid format would be required to completely redesign her course in order to convert it to a fully face-to-face course.



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