What To Wear: New Faculty Get-together Edition

The question on deck: what is the right thing to wear to a small dinner party for new faculty members at the provost’s house? The invitation says casual and, in fact, mentions shorts. I have a firm no-shorts-ever policy. But, it is hot as hades out there. I’m thinking a sundress, which may expose meContinue reading “What To Wear: New Faculty Get-together Edition”

technology for working, constantly working

http://www.insidehighered.com/blogs/hack-higher-education/taking-your-work-you#ixzz20knSsJvD Inside Higher Ed How do others handle this question of work-life balance? Do you feel like the digital world has changed the demands on your time? Do you see that work as “extra” or “optional” or as part of the job description? _____________________ Yesterday, I moved to a new state for my new tenure-trackContinue reading “technology for working, constantly working”

Face-to-face vs. hybrid

As my department chair and dean make some decisions about whether to allow me to teach my fall courses in a hybrid format, I find myself gathering evidence to support my claims that hybrid classes are good for students. As a technology enthusiast, a hybrid instructor from way back, and someone who studies technology inContinue reading “Face-to-face vs. hybrid”