A truly different kind of beginning language textbook

I have taught elementary Spanish classes with maybe a dozen different texts. Some lend themselves to my personal style more than others. But in the end, they are all pretty much the same. In fact, for a while I was convinced that the best text for me was an outdated, old school grammar workbook. I know, I know, that sounds crazy coming from a super advocate for communicative, transformative instruction. And please don’t tell my teacher candidates that I even thought that, let alone said it. My feeling is that I create most of my own content anyway and find very little of value in any text I use. So, I might as well just assign a consumable grammar workbook to my students and do everything myself. After all, that is pretty much what ends up happening in any event no matter how great the book is.

So, imagine my surprise to actually be excited about using a new textbook this fall. It was created by a colleague and is truly different. Give it a look here http://www.los-ritmos.com/. I hope to blog more this fall about how I am using it and the results I see. It’s not every day I see a textbook that stands out against a sea of sameness. I am very excited to get started using it and will report back on how I fare.


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