Turning my dissertation into a book

One of my goals for this summer (or should I say one of my most important goals on a list of 200+ things I feel like I should get done this summer) is to get a book proposal to a few academic publishers. The task of converting my dissertation research into a useful book is overwhelming. I find myself reading a lot and thinking a lot, but producing not so much. After weeks of wrestling with my proposal, I have a much clearer idea of what the purpose of my book will be, and who the target audience is. But the nuts and bolts of how to write an academic book still seem so vague. I want to follow some actual steps, get some very specific guidance. But, apparently, in the post-doctoral-work world, we are expected to already know how things work and write books on our own without dissertation committees helping us along. Hmph.

Here are a couple of blogs that have made my process a little easier. If any of you are in the same boat, hope these two really great blogs are useful to you, too.



Wish me luck.